Canegatto Exclusive

"My verses are my mantras, songs are my prayers, the studio is my church, music is my religion and love is my god." - Andraz Gartner (Canegatto)

About Canegatto

Canegatto is the project manager's pseudonym and, at the same time, a musical brand that strives for original ideas, the ultimate realization of copyrighted works.

Canegatto's story is Andraz's first child, and at the same time the most personal project he founded in 2008. From the very beginning, he has not yet been able to present his music in a form of a full-length concert.

The products of the project are two published studio albums.


In the Canegatto Exclusive project, Andraž collaborates with the following masters in their field:

Rok Nemanič, Lenart Krečič, Matija Krečič, Marko Hartman, Ilj Pušnik, Uroš Nemanič, Jana Šnuderl, Simon Garpašrovič, Jure Krajnik.

A Peculiar Gentleman

"I admit that I am not everywhere and always an orderly gentleman.
And if that's right, I wouldn't know, but the feeling is fine
that I can be whatever I want, when I want.
To share what I live ... when I want. "

                                           - Canegatto