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 NevergreeN Brothers

"A glass of wine, whiskey or gin tonic and a cigarette are a must in these evenings..." - Canegatto.

The never green brothers is a project in which Canegatto offers a mix of evergreen songs from the Slovenian, English, Italian, Spanish, Russian and French repertoires. On stage, he represents them in theatrically-coloured atmosphere with narratives of his adventures - be they based on a true story or not. In this project, he combines his old passion with improvisational and classical theatre (in which he has been active for 15 years) with his music colleagues - brothers in the spirit of these songs:


Andrej Štrekelj - trumpet

Blaž Slavko Avsenik - stage piano

Luka Dobnikar - double bass

Uroš Nemanič - drums.

Nevergreen brothers (by Canegatto)

Nevergreen brothers (by Canegatto)

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The band with the relaxed atmosphere keeps the noble, fun and romantic evenings at a high level. Together with his top musicians, Canegatto takes you on a journey with the tunes like "New York, New York", "La vie en rose" Buona sera segnorita", "Paloma", "Somewhere beyond the sea", "On an evening in Roma" and others.